About us

We’re here to help you find you find the best Indian beauty products around. I’m sure you’re going to love our selection.

Hello there,

I have been struggling with skin issues. It actually isn’t that bad but I think that might be the case because I do not use too many cosmetics.

 I started using makeup only in my twenties ( yeah I know 🙂 ) 

Now I am realizing more and more how totally wrong it is to move away from natural ingredients towards chemical cosmetics and products.

The more I am trying to understand what goes in the lipstick I use or the face cream or the sunscreen I am shocked by what I find.

In this website I share my experience and my views.

I am not expert, I am just a mom of two kids, trying to live a good life.

My kids mean the world to me and now as they grow bigger I find I must find good products I can let them use without worrying.

What is your story? Leave me a hi or just let me know where you are from and why you  came here.