how to choose the best body lotion for rainy season
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Best Body Lotion for Rainy Season

Rains bring relief from the scorching heat of the summer especially in India. Most of US ignore the importance of a good skincare regime in the monsoons. I have to admit that I am one of them. I always thought that there is humidity everywhere so I do not need moisturizer or body lotions.
I am surprised that we in fact do need some kind of a skincare regime and have to be careful on selecting one. Selection should be based on whether it is suitable for the rainy season. The best body lotion for rainy season would contain either tea tree oil, lemon extract, Aloe vera gel, honey or neem.

Are body lotion and moisturizer the same

Body lotions and moisturizers are very different in their consistency, the ingredients and purpose. Typically a body lotion is light and watery or runny so that it can be easily applied over large areas of the body. Moisturizer can have a thicker consistency. Typically body lotions generally have some kind of a fragrance or certain ingredients which might actually be too harsh for the facial skin which is very delicate.

Are body lotions safe

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Always check the ingredients.

I personally research each and every ingredient and see the long-term effects it will have on my skin and body.

Are body lotions toxic / Are body lotions bad for you

Body lotions can be toxic if they if they contain these harmful ingredients no one mentions.

PEGs (polyethylene glycols), and Mineral oils

Mineral oils have been approved by FDA but might contain traces of pah which are harmful for human health. It can affect the functioning of the endocrine system and also affect your immunity.

I have seen polyethylene glycol on different products in the cosmetic industry. Now PEG act as emolients and emulsifiers, hence they are widely used in cosmetics. These can be carcinogenic and enter the bloodstream and hence interfere with the normal human development.


Is used as a substitute for parabens. So the next time you buy a paraben free product make sure you look at the ingredients if you see phenoxyethanol on the list of ingredients don’t buy it. It helps increase the shelf life of products but it can cause skin irritation and also trigger Eczema if you already are prone to Eczema.

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Fragrance is another thing which you should look out for. most fragrances can be harmful. it is advisable to look for fragrance free body lotions or body lotions which have essential oils. If you have hypersensitive skin then stay away from essential oils. I tell this from experience because I react really bad to some Essential oils. The skin can break out, itch and it’s not really good.


This ingredient can cause nerve damage, dermatitis and allergy stay away from it.

Can body lotion be used on face

[amazon_link asins=’B016ZA76QO’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’indianbeautysecrets-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’a86633d1-909f-11e8-9075-eb1270a27e52′]Body lotions usually have fragrance which can irritate the facial skin. They can be too thick or have ingredients which will clog the pores. It is advisable not to use a body lotion on the face. If you have dry skin or sensitive skin then please stay away from body lotions. There are some people who get away with using body lotions on the face but it is generally advisable to not to do so.

Can body lotion go bad

All products have a shelf life even if they have preservatives. Throw away lotions which have been lying around for more than 2 years. They will have an expiry date on them, check it. If you haven’t stored them in a cool dry place or if you have used your fingers to take the product out of the container, then it would be advisable to get rid of them faster.

Can body lotion be used on hands

Body lotion can be used on the hands but generally hand lotions are of a thicker consistency. this is because we tend to wash our hands a lot and so the lotion has to protect the hands. pro body lotion could not fulfill the purpose of a hand lotion so it would be advisable to simply get a hand lotion for that job.

Can body lotion be used as sunscreen

A body lotion generally does not have spf protection in it. because we are using it on Parts of the body which are covered by clothes. for sun protection you would need to apply and spf on the exposed Parts of the body.

Does body lotion work on face

The purpose of a face cream and the purpose of a body lotion are totally different. a body lotion white clogged pores on the face and cause breakouts. a body lotion would not have age defying properties. most body lotions don’t have spf in them so they can’t act as a sunscreen. they might have fragrances and cause skin irritation. so it is advisable to not use body lotion on face.

For the rainy season you need protection from bacteria

For the rainy season you need protection from bacteria another microbe which otherwise would thrive in the humidity. You also need a body lotion to provide moisture to the skin, it should not clog up your pores and it should be alcohol free and free of harmful chemicals.

We also recommend that find the body lotion which does not have any fragrance. The nice fragrance might make you feel happy but usually fragrances irritate the skin and are not recommended.

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how to choose the best body lotion for rainy season

For any body lotion it is recommended that you just it out and try it out for yourself. Just don’t go using something because it works for someone else because each of us is different our skin makeup is unique.

What is your favorite body lotion for the rainy season and what is your skin type do comment below?

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