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Best Toner for Oily Skin in India 2018 – Are Toners Good ?

Toners is a liquid sometimes looks like water to me which is applied on a washed clean face.

To be honest  I had no clue what a toner was  and why  I needed to add that extra layer to my skin care regime.

Since this was applied directly to the skin I had a mini panic attack..

hence I looked up …

Are toners good for oily skin ?

I hope you are aware of this but our skin has a life cycle… the skin cells keep dying and new cells are made. Dead skin is there on our brand new skin, which should be exfoliated or scrubbed away.

Then there is the pollution, the dirt and grime, all this is stuck on our face.

Add to this the excess oil which the sebaceous glands are throwing out.  This too is on our face. 

Dead skin, oils which have been  missed out in the cleansing  process can be cleansed thoroughly while applying the toner.

A toner also  helps products be absorbed better  as it makes the skin moist or wet.

So yes toners seem to be pretty good for oily skin.

Is toner necessary for oily skin ?

Toner is actually not a critical component of the skin care regime and most Korean skin care regimes are now totally avoiding or  skipping this step .

I know that means we should not be using a toner right?

 Nope wrong. 

Oily skin means excess sebum production, more dirt trapped, dead skin trapped which can cause whiteheads, blackheads ( closed and open comedos) and pimples.

Toners have the oomph factor nowadays with special formula to help get rid of sebum, the excess oil, deep clean pores.

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What does toner do for oily skin ?

Toner depending on its formulation or what ingredients it has canhelp your skin with many things such as

  • shrink appearance of pores
  • removes oil buildup
  • gives the appearance of smaller pores
  • pH balance of skin
  • moisturize skin if it has humectant properties
  • adds a layer of protection to skin
  • exfoliate skin

How to use toner for oily skin

Take the Toner on a cotton swab and apply it to your cleansed face. Usually you do not have to rinse off the toner.  Just read the instructions before applying.

How often to use toner for oily skin

A toner should be used twice a day. In the morning before you apply moisturizer and makeup. In the morning it will help remove all the sebum which was built up through the night.

Before going to bed include a toner in your skin care regimen.

Is Toner useful for oily skin ?

Toners can be extremely useful for oily skin addressing different special skin needs. If you have acne then there are toners which can be added to the skin care regime which can help with healing acne and preventing new acne.

A toner with beta and  alpha hydroxy acid ( salicylic and glycolic)  can help with acne.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clarifying Solution

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clarifying Solution Facial Toner for Acne Prone Skin with Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid is perfect for acne skin.

The glycolic acid unclogs pores, salicylic acid prevents acne and this toner is non-comodogenic and paraben free.

If you have acne prone skin you should try this toner as it breaks dirt, goes into pores and cleanses.

A Toner is actually a second cleanser and can get to the  bacteria, dead skin.

As an added bonus this toner even controls and prevent new acne from forming.

As usual you should test the product out on a small part of your your skin.

Are toners good for sensitive skin ?

Yes nowadays toners come with ingredients which helps with sensitive skin. They also nourish the skin and kind of pamper your skin.

The added advantage is that the toners can act as a barrier or add a layer of protection from whatever makeup or products you layer on.

Foxbrim Natural Lavender Toner Mist Nourish Revitalize Restore


Witch hazel, deionized water, MSM, Vit C, Aloe Vera, Neroli hydrosol, glycolic acid, yucca, Usnea, spirulina, sage, pomegranate, Oregon grape, lichen, kelp, Gotu kola, cranberry, Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi leaf

Toners such as Foxbrim Natural Lavender Toner Mist Nourish Revitalize Restore have antioxidants Vit C, witch hazel and are mositurizing toners with aloe vera, Vit E.

This one comes has a spray which means you can spray on the toner both before applying makeup midday when you want to refresh your face.

This toner is actually good for all skin types so if you have oily sensitive skin or combination skin , this should help you.



Toners with anti inflammatory for sensitive skin

Nature’s Tattva Natural Witch Hazel

If you have sensitive skin Nature’s Tattva Natural Witch Hazel can be a good option.

When in the market for a toner look for alcohol free toners as toners having alcohol can seriously dry the face out.

We dont want the face dry, we want the face toned so that pores are minimized, sebum or oil is in check and we dont look like we are dripping oil.


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