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Bio Bloom Skin Care Face Oil Review

Biobloom skin care face oil is loaded with plant extracts acting as emolients, antioxidants, astringents, moisturizers and also have natural fragrance. While this oil seems to be loaded with all the good stuff, the question is does it work?

Story time

I got hands on this product from Glamego, it wasn’t my first choice. My order didn’t get through and by the time I rectified the issue I had only Bio Bloom skin care oil to add in to my box.

First time I picked up the Bio bloom skin care face oil, I was actually not happy. I just couldn’t tolerate the smell. It felt too strong for me. My daughter on the other hand said that it smelt heavenly. Two different opinions from two different people …hmm

What I liked about the face oil is the difference it has made to my skin. It is truly luxurious and very soothing for my dry skin areas. I have a skin type which varies with location. Dry climate makes it horribly dry, this time I went on a vacation with this oil. It was like magic, I did not dry out, my skin looked plump and so gorgeous.

Before we review the product and get our hands dirty, lets check out a few FAQs. I know you must hView Postave wondered about these at some point in time ( at least I have).

Is face oil a moisturizer

Nope. Face oil is oil whereas moisturizer has water content. Both have different purposes and different uses.
So, can face oil replace moisturizer? No, you should be using both moisturizer and a face oil. Moisturizer adds in water to the skin, oil will prevent dry air to dry out your skin.

But if you want to use only one, you could use a face oil like a moisturizer ( I am doing that). I love the texture of the face oil and I do not see any side effects from skipping the moisturizer.

It does not matter whether you have oily skin or dry skin, there is an oil for you. All skin types benefit from oil.

Can face oil replace serum ?

Serums contain vitamins and antioxidants and have very small molecules which are able to penetrate through all 3 layers of skin. This makes them potent to handle issues which other products cannot.

A face oil on the other hand contains essential oils, plant extracts, has varying sizes of molecules, depending on the blend of ingredients. The protect against environmental damage which can cause acne and aging.

So the short answer is no they cannot. Each serves a different purpose.

Can face oil cause acne ?

If the oil is Comedogenic it will cause breakouts. Facial oils wont block your pores and cause breakouts, if the ingredients are nonComedogenic. So when buying a face oil look at the ingredients.

Can face oil dry out skin ?

Nope. I have been using fora while with no harm at all.

Face oil and foundation

So how does face oil integrate into your foundation routine ( or makeup routine)? Well face oil is applied before we apply makeup of any kind. So foundation goes on after face oil. I also use a trick I learnt from beauty bloggers. I add a drop of face oil to my foundation and it glides on like butter and makes my skin look flawless.

Face oil and Sunscreen

Sunscreen goes on last on to your skin and here is why. If you apply sunscreen first, it will not allow the goodness of face oil to reach the skin.

So first apply face oil and then sunscreen.

Face oil before or after moisturizer

Face oil goes on after moisturizer. Oil can penetrate a moisturizer and work on your skin. The general rule of thumb is apply the thinnest first then the thickest.

So here is your typical skin care routine

  • Cleanse the Skin
  • Apply Toner
  • Apply our favourite  serum
  • Apply moisturizer
  • Apply Face oil ( for dry skin you can apply in morning and night, for oily skin nighttime is enough)
  • Apply sunscreen

Now lets go on with the review… shall we? 🙂


Its a small bottle holds  15 ml of the product .

The glass bottle is darkish ( brown)  in colour yet translucent enough to get a fair idea of the liquid it contains.

Frankly it reminds me of the medicine bottles we got as kids.

It comes with a dropper which is very sturdy and easy to use.

The bottle size is compact, fits in my palm.

My bottle mentions that it contains 15 ml of oil.

A little goes a long way, as we use only a few drops.


The oil is well like oil, but light weight, feels like thick water in consistency. It is yellowish in colour and has a strong smell. I have a high sensitivity to smell hence probably it feels strong.

I don’t like the smell, my daughter loves it … so try it and see for yourself.


The Face oil has a ton of natural oils.

    • Apricot Kernel Oil
    • Carrot seed oil
    • Rosehip oil
    • Germanium oil
    • Lemon oil
    • Vitamin E
    • Evening primrose
    • Frankinsence oil
    • Myrhh

. Apricot kernel oil

Apricot oil works as an emolient.
The beautiful benefits of using Apricot Kernel oil in your daily skin care regime are too many to overlook.

  • Oleic Acid – reduces inflammation, replenishes moisture ( especially moisture lost with age) and retains moisture
  • Vitamin B 17
  • Moisturises and rejuvenates skin



. Carrot seed oil

– Emollient

. Rosehip oil

– Astringent

. Germanium oil

– Moisturizer
– Astringent

. Lemon oil

– Fragrance
– Astringent

. Rosemary

– Astringent

. Vitamin E

– antioxidant ( 2/5)
– irritant 2/5

. Evening primrose

Bio Bloom Skin Care Face Oil Review

I did not even try this face oil for a few days after receiving it. I was suffering from some bad skin which was dry, itchy and flaky. My skin looked terribly dull and dead. It had been exposed to too much sun, wind, dry climate and it seemed to have taken a toll.

Thats when I received the face oil.

I thought to myself, let my skin heal, then I will try. The reason being most natural products cause havoc on my skin and I was already having a lot of trouble.

One day  I thought to myself,lets just see if this oil works. 

I applied the oil and it seemed to be okay. It felt a bit tingly and I hated that smell… I didnt feel anything great…

Day 2 I noticed the skin felt younger ( like suddenly).

I do not know how or what but my skin started changing almost overnight.

Initially I applied too much on the face and felt sticky. Slowly I started applying just three drops on the face.

The skin change has been dramatic. My skin has started glowing, it looks younger, thereare absolutely no fine lines visible and I am so in love with the oil.


It works like a charm

Has no chemicals

Is compact and travel friendly

The dropper is very good



That smell is driving me nuts

The price (  I almost fainted when I saw it).

Will I buy it again?

I will definitely. I am sold. I know it is expensive but it is so worth it.

Check out Biobloom Face Oil here 

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