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Dry Skin Around Nails – Causes, Prevention & Cure

I was having dry skin around the nails and skin peeling, sometimes skin bleeding and sore skin. In this article I share how I reversed this and how I manage my nails.

Dry Skin around nails can be caused due to exposure to chemicals which dry the skin. These are present in nail removers, nail polishes, cosmetics, detergents, dish washing liquids, household cleaners.

To prevent these from happening focus on what you eat and on what you touch with your fingers.

The skin on my hands especially around the fingers was drying out and I made some changes in our household which has solved this issue for me permanently.

Why does skin dry around the nails?

I used to always wonder why the skin on my hands was drying out so much. I don’t particularly use chemicals and I never go for manicures ( because of a bad experience).

Exposure to Chemicals and Hot water

This is the time I was researching about natural cleaners and organic detergents. Through research and thinking over the tasks I do daily I figured some issues which were the main cause.

Washing dishes by hand with hot water and liquid detergent.

I wash a lot of dishes throughout the day. I wash these by hand and sometimes I soak them in hot water to get the grime out faster. This was drying up the skin on the hands.

The hot water was literally removing all the moisture from my hands and stripping it off any natural oils. Once I realised this I switched over to an organic, non-toxic, dish wash powder.

I also started using cold water to wash dishes. If you can tolerate gloves, I would recommend non-latex gloves when you wash dishes. I tried gloves and they were very good on my hands, but it’s just me… I hate how they feel.

Can washing dishes dry the skin around the nails?

Yes washing dishes can dry out your hands and damage the nails. My mother used to complain that dishwashng soap was causing her hands to dry and she was experiencing skin issues on other parts of the body.

When I started experiencing the same, I switched over to soapnuts and organic dish washing powder. This has help relive the issue.

Using Household Cleaners can dry out hands

I love cleaning and could never pass the cleaning isle without picking out the next best cleaner. This has led to many purchases and lots of health issues.

Skin starts drying out if you are constantly exposed to strong cleaners. Slowly you notice skin itches more, it dries out. I also started having breathing problems.

The harsh chemicals can literally sap out moisture and cause severe itching. Switch off from the chemical, stop using the cleaners and moisturize your hands.

I used coconut oil on my hands. I have also used almond oil as a moisturizer. Some days I have used vaseline, this works really well.

Nailpolishes, Nailpolish Removers and Cosmetics – Can harm

I am not much into applying nail polish, but there was a phase when my nails were always painted a standard colour. Very soon I noticed that the nails were looking dull, the skin around the nail was dring out.

The chemical in nail polishes especially acetone based nailpolish remover was causing the dryness.

Switching out the nailpolish remover to a chemical free one and using vegan nailpolishes can help if this is the same cause for you.

Also, give your nails a breather, by going nailpolish free for a few days or weeks.

Why is my manicure session drying my skin? Why is it painful?

I had a manicure only a couple of times in my life. Now I do not go to the salons for one. I can do this at home easily.

At the salon they dip your fingers in warm water. The salons sometimes use shampoo or some soap and maybe hydrogen peroxide in the water.

Hydrogen peroxide pulls out the dirt but it also dries the hands.

The purpose of soaking hands is to make the nails soft and yes remove dirt. We can do this without drying the skin. Just soak hands in warm water with a little lemon juice and olive oil. This will soften the hands and nails.

At nail salons the cuticle pusher used could be a metal one. Metal is too harsh on the skin. Make sure they use wooden cuticle pushers which need to be discarded after every use.

Use a scissors to trim extra skin but never trim the cuticle. Cuticle protects the nails, you can push it back but it should never be cut.

Follow up a manicure with a good hand cream massaged into the cuticles and around the nails. This will moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Natural ways to prevent skin from drying

  • Try to cut back on cosmetics.
  • Dont use cosmetics especially nailpolishes with chemicals.
  • Prolonged exposure to water can dry the hands out. So if washing dishes use gloves.
  • Switch over to organic detergents and diswashing liquids.
  • Don’t bit your nails and the skin around the nails
  • Massage your hands with a handcream loaded with vitamin E or use shea butter. Do this especially after washing dishes or having meals.
  • Almond oil, petroleum jelly can be used on hands, especially around the nails.
  • Use cotton gloves while you sleep ( after applying handcream).
  • Su damage can also casue dryness around nails. Applying sunscreen around nails can be helpful when exposed to sun.

Related questions

What vitamin deficiency causes vertical lines in fingernails?

Deficiency in Vitamin A, protein, calcium or zinc can cause ridges or vertical lines also known as Beau’s lines in the nails.

For me it was caused due to eczema a skin condition.

The remedy is to include a healthy diet full of vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. Make a salad with different colours of fruits and vegetables. Add walnuts and other nuts to the salad.

Fish capsules are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and can help with the issue.

Massage your cuticles twice a day with Jojoba oil or Vitamin E oils.

Is Dry skin around nails due to Vitamin Deficiency?

Yes, Vitamin A and zinc deficiency could be the culprits causing dry skin around the nails.

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