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Glamego Box September 2018 Reviews | Unboxing And Review | Cheapest Subscription Box in India

I got this email from Glamego asking me to select products for the  Glamego Box September 2018  edition. This month is totally different because you get to choose all the products including the box you want.

Before we see what you can select just take a look at the email I received from Glamego.

Once I clicked through I was asked to make selection number 1

We have to select one product from lipsticks, Glo illuminator, and Bio Bloom Radiance Booster.

Next we select Product 2

The choices are Votre Night Cream (1500/-), Natures Co Red Face Cream (900/-) and ElenBlu mascara.

Product 3 Selection

The choices are Mcaffeine Choco Face Pack-Dry Skin ( 350/-) , Mcaffeine Choco Face Pack-Oily Skin (350/-), Vedic Line Facial Kit ( 350 /-) , Hair Spray ( 395 /-) , Kronokare Face Spray – Pollustop ( 495 /- _ and Valley of Flowers ( 450 /- )

Product 4 Selection

Choices are lipsticks ( 225/- ) , nail-polishes ( 249 /- ), and lip-balm ( 399/- to 499/- ).


Product 5

Choices are Aroma Magic Face Scrub ( 75/- ), Face Wash ( 80/- ), Rohoto Face Wash ( 50/- )

Box Design

The last selection is the Box Design.

My thoughts on September Glamego Box

Well as you can see I have just made the selections for the box. I have yet to receive the physical products and when I do I will update this post.

 I am a bit disappointed  with this box. There is nothing new, just leftovers from previous boxes. If you are a new subscriber to Glamego then it would be good for you. I have been a subscriber for a couple of months. I already have all these products.

The ONLY thing which excited me in this beauty subscription box was its variety. Sadly now its just a rehash of old stuff which probably wasn’t sold earlier.

I will update this post when I receive the box and hopefully  add in a video review  as well.



Just today 26 September I have received the box. Seriously disappointed.

I placed the order. I got an email regarding the receipt of my confirmation but glamego staff did not get my order.


It just came today.

Check video below for what I received.

 What do you feel about these products?  Do you think they should have provided the old products?

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