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Green Gram Powder for Skin Whitening – My Secret Recipe

My face was burning, literally burning and itching… I have a combination skin and parts of it are so dry that I react real bad to changes in climate, cosmetics and soaps.

I had been researching up on chemical free soaps and non detergent facial cleansers and I was shocked to find that  paraben free did NOT mean chemical free .

No wonder I was still having issues with so called chemical free and paraben free products. This then started me on my quest to find a solution which was both cost effective ( lets call it cheap) and practical ( I am lazy, I admit).

One day my husband handed me a packet of organic green gram flour ( with a big smile on his face 🙂 ) , he had found it in the supermarket and thought I would be thrilled.

Well, I was not very thrilled because I had never heard of such a flour and I had no clue what to do with it.

That started my research into green gram flour.  It is sought after as a skin whitening powder . ( Well who would have guessed that 😉 )

Green gram has been used in ayurveda for years, both ingested ( as cooked dal) and applied on the face as face masks, used in the hair as a hair mask, used a body scrub.

When I had taken ayurvedic treatment and had stayed at their center, cooked green gram  with soupy rice was provided for lunch everyday. It was very nutritious and filling and keeps one feeling very fresh and active ( try it ;). )

What is green gram flour ?

It is just green gram crushed into powder form. You can make this at home from whole green gram ( retaining the husk) or just buy it from the supermarket ( like I do ).

I later learnt that my grandma used to use it and so do many others in my family ( including my mom ). This is  what happens when you stay away in other countries, you lose out on so many traditions.

How to make green gram flour at home

In my village they wash the moong dal and dry it in the sun. It is then ground into fine powder and stored in air tight containers. My great grandmothers used to add dried orange and lemon peels to it and use it as a scrub.

 ( Sigh they had such clean, clear luxurious skin) 

While I was researching here are a few questions which popped in my mind and here is what I found.

Can we use green gram flour on face daily?

Yes. I have tried it daily with no issues. Mind you my skin is highly sensitive and I do get excema on my feet and this powder is so good.

There you have it my super secret skin whitening Ingredients using Moong Dal.

How to use green gram flour for skin whitening?

Here is my secret recipe for using it as a skin whitener and it did lighten and brighten my skin.

I have my own theories on why it worked ( do your own research).

Mix in green gram flour, orange peel powder with raw milk and apply it on your face. Leave it on till it dries, you can rub it off or just wash it off with luke warm water.

For extra brightening and exfoliating properties you can add one spoon of honey. This will moisturize your face and make it feel so plump.

If you have oily skin use curd or rose water instead. If you add in rice powder it also helps in whitening and lightening the skin.

I personally feel that it tightens the skin and brings a glow. Dead cells are removed and skin looks younger and fresher. I have seen reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, no dry skin and no itchiness or redness.

Related Questions

Green gram flour for hair removal ?

I am not sure about preventing hair growth but if you mix it with milk or water or rose water and apply it to your face, let it dry and then scrub it off, fine hair does come off.

So yeah,,, it can be used to remove hair. Did I tell you my grandmothers had minimal hair on their arms and legs and they never used hair removers or razors .

Update: I have been using green gram flour to wash my hair and it has actually promoted hair growth.

Green gram flour for baby skin ?

Yes. you can use it safely on babies ( did I tell you what I found in baby wipes, baby oils and baby soaps ;( … )


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