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How to Clear Dandruff at Home

Dandruff can be quite harmless in most cases and can be easily treated at home. To get rid of dandruff in its entirety will of course depend on many factors but we can at least control it at home.

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers, just in case it interests you.

Are dandruff alive / are dandruff living things ?

Dandruff is nothing but dead cells, and is not alive at all. So don’t worry it is not creepy crawly like lice or something. Just dead skin.

Are dandruff contagious ?

Of course not. It is just dead skin. Yes it can worsen if you have bacteria present on your scalp but it is not contagious

Are dandruff and dry scalp the same ?

Dry scalp means the scalp is not having moisture, hence it gets dry, flaky. You could feel itchy, some redness and this is not dandruff. Dandruff also has white stuff falling all over your shoulder but that’s just dead skin.

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