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Lakme Natural Aloe Aqua gel / Lakme 9to5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel Review

I have always almost exclusively purchased only Lakme products. In my house beauty products meant Lakme there was no other name nobody knew anything else. Lakme 9to5NaturaleAloe Aqua Gel mentions that it has aloe vera gel, which nourishes and protects skin. This lightweight, non sticky gel will help protect your skin from harmful effects of pollution.

I was so excited when I got an email saying that Lakme has launched the 9 to 5 natural products range. I want to use cosmetics but I do not like the fact that they have so many chemicals in them.
You can understand my excitement when I heard that is this was an all natural product.
This particular product is said to have aloe vera as its main ingredient.

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It comes in a small jar the product is green in colour is actually translucent.
The consistency is quite runny and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It has a non sticky formula which is which is good. Most aloe vera products are very sticky.

Uses of Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Aloe Aquagel

This product can be used as a primer, moisturizer and an overnight night cream.

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There are a few things which bother me. The first is that it has some chemicals in it. Some of these Chemicals are questionable and can cause skin problems over extended use.
There are fragrances which are used which are definitely artificial. Artificial fragrances are not good for sensitive skin like mine.
Another issues is the price. I think it’s a bit pricey.
So after having checked the ingredients and also considering the price point, I have decided that I will not go ahead and buy this.
I am bit disappointed as I was expecting something 100% natural.

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