wildrose handmade soap puro body and soul review
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Puro Body and Soul Wild Rose Handmade Soap

Puro Soaps are vegan, cruelty-free and have no harmful chemicals. I have tried 4 soaps from this brand so far.
The Wild Rose Handmade Soap smells strongly of Rose ( a very fresh smell). This soap is very affordable ( inspite of being a handmade soap).


Wildrose Puro Soap Ingredients

# Olive oil

Olive oil present in the soap prevents wrinkles and makes the skin supple and soft. It moisturizes the skin making it look healthy and young. Olive oil also prevents premature greying and fights against wrinkles, so it makes skin look younger.

# Rose oil

Rose oil is a natural astringent, which means it shrinks and constricts tissue. This means it tightens the pores. Rose oil is known for ages for giving the glow back to the complexion. This oil also restores suppleness.


The soap came wrapped in a tight plastic wrap. The smell of rose wafts through the air as I try to get the soap out of this tight wrapping. The soap is a soft pink in colour, baby pink, or maybe rose pink.

To be honest it does not look glam or luxurious but it smells heavenly.

Once you remove it from the package it feels sticky to touch.

First Thoughts

The first impression of the soap isn’t really something great. Yes, it smells heavenly but it doesn’t look glamorous like the other handmade soaps.

  • Looks decent, it doesn’t really look glamorous.
  • It feels sticky, will it melt away?

Watch me unpack and use it

Thoughts After Use

I am impressed by the lather it generates. I assumed that the fragrance would go as soon as I open the packet and use it for a few days. Well, the fragrance has lasted and it still lingers on in the bathroom.

The fragrance also lingers on the skin. I am very happy that the fragrance is not from artificial fragrance added in. It is just from the rose oil which is natural.

Artificial fragrance in soaps are very harmful to the skin and if your soap has artificial fragrances it is time to switch.

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