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Red Wine Sleeping Face Gel / Natures co red wine gel

The Nature’s Co Red Wine Face Gel was a surprise for me.
The nature’s co red wine sleeping face gel has lots of natural ingredients, assists you in sleeping, provides circulation and gives a vibrant look to the skin.

Red wine sleeping face gel makes your face look well rested.

It has a hydro based formula which is supposed to provide intense hydration. Mine is a dry skin type and I did feel that the skin looked well hydrated.

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As I am writing this post I looked up the ingredients on the bottle. It’s written that if you actually apply this at night, it induces a good night sleep.

I don’t know if that is true but I have been sleeping quite well.

Here is how to apply the red wine sleeping gel.

Cleanse your face. Apply the gel all over the face in an upward motion.
Leave it on for the rest of the night.


Unfiltered and unpasteurized red wine vinegar, red grape extract, liquorice extract, grapefruit extract, vegetable glycerine, aloe vera gel base, colour, aroma, natural preservatives (f d and c) q s.

The red wine sleeping face gel has to be applied at the night and then you leave it on till morning. Morning you need to rinse your face.

It is supposed to do wonders to your face. I tried it for 4 days I feel that there has been a reduction in dark spots the face is glowing and I am happy.

The nature’s co red wine sleeping face gel, repair formula, 35 ml plastic container.

The MRP mentioned on the container is rupees 900.

Will I will I purchase the red wine sleeping face gel?
Probably not reason being it is very expensive.

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